Alexandros Jaegar was born on March 6, 1997 to Inos and Suzanne Jaegar in the small town of Krokos in Greece. In 2027 during a trip to the United States of America with his girlfriend he discovered a long-forgotten cave system in Florida, when he travelled into this cave system he discovered the land of Taenaria . He changed his name later to Tarsieg Maerk II later and eventually came to lead the Ulmnian people.

Early LifeEdit

Alexandros Jaegar grew up in Krokos, Greece, just 5 Kilometres south of Kozani. His parents were farmers of saffron. He went to school in Vatero Primary school in Kozani. After travelling for a year he was accepted to University in the Technological Education Institute of Western Macedonia intending to Major in linguistic studies and Minor in Anthropology but dropped out before his first year to travel. He went around the world with his girlfriend, Katelyn Mentasch , who he met in Germany. In 2027 when he was 20 years old they went to visit Florida and discovered the entrance to Taenaria

Rise to PowerEdit

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