Founded in early 2120 by Inek Zabean, an Ulmnian War Hero, Sa’wenu was the pinnacle of Military efficiency, even by Ulmnian standards, led from its inception to its destruction by the once more rising oceans of the 41st Century by Inek, this city contributed thousands of loyal soldiers to the Ulmnians wars against the North Korean Empire . Renowned at its highest cultural peak for its unique take on naan bread, people would come from neighboring towns regularly to learn their newly developed secret recipes. The main and only reason that more people did not live in Sa’Wenu was their unfortunate location in the center of one of Jaidong’s many ‘hot spots’, unique to Jaidong , these hot spots are places where the Earth’s crust is thin, but not punctured by a volcano leading to fertile, but uncomfortably hot terrain, it is said that on a hot day the temperature of the ground could reach up to 60 C and the air around could reach as high as 75 C. The soldiers of Sa’Wenu were frequently used as special volcano troops do to their youths spent in weather considered unbearable by most other humans. Several of the technicians instrumental in designing the Bellator Opifex machines came from Sa’Wenu as the heat was a prime location for development of metalwork and therefore the armor of the large battlesuits. Zabean passed in the summer of 4100, ironically, from heat exhaustion, his dream of a perfect Military village realized and lost in his lifetime

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