The Primus Ubi system was the first planetary system other than the Solar System to be explored and colonized by the Ulmnians. There are six planets in the Primus Ubi system. Primus Ubi means First Seen.

Planetary Reports (Chronological Order)Edit

Ubi IVEdit

Date of Report: January 1st, 10,000

System: Primus Ubi

Planet Name: Ubi IV

Atmospheric Composition: 81% Nitrogen, 16% Oxygen, 2% Carbon Dioxide, 1% other. (Exposure Not Recommended, but survivable, Long-Term exposure expected to cause brain damage and other permanent effects)

Radius: 5,921 Km

Average Temperature: 29 C

Gravity: 0.95G (One extra workout once per week mandatory for all personnel stationed there)

Water Amount: 80% of surface is water. 2% is considered safe drinking water but remaining 98% can be easily filtered.

Habitable Landmass: 10% of planet is considered Habitable Landmass

Predominant Life Forms: 15% of surface covered in vast Boreal Forests. one third of this is considered too dense to be penetrated.

Technological Progress of Planet: 0 (No Tool-using or Pack-Hunting animals)

Sentience Level: 1

Mineral Value: Low, slight deposits of Iron and Magnesium but very little else.

Tactical Value: Low, Safe distance from all other Galactic Empires but insufficient mineral wealth to warrant significant military presence, too far from any major conflict zone to be useful as a military base.

Distance from Homeworld: 1 Hour of Teleportation.

Recommended Use: Farm Colony, close enough for easy transport of People and Products to and from the Homeworld, no significant threats to colonists, natural or empire-caused.

Inspector: Zion Arueak

==Ubi I ==

Date of Report: January 2, 10,000

System: Primus Ubi

Planet Name: Ubi I

Atmospheric Composition: No Atmosphere

Radius: 1,000Km

Average Temperature: 50 C

Gravity: 0.1G (Personnel Stationed here expected to do triple workout sessions in Gravity Chambers at the maximum artificial Gravity level: 0.5 G’s)

Water Amount: No liquid water

Habitable Landmass: 0% of Landmass is considered Habitable Landmass

Predominant Life Forms:  No life

Technological Progress of Planet: 0

Sentience Level: 0

Mineral Value: High, Extremely large Deposits of Iron, Mercury, Magnesium and Titanium, with medium sized deposits of Manganese, Calcium, and Uranium, and Small deposits of Chromium, and Cobalt

Tactical Value: Medium, Large deposits of minerals but poor location for Military base due to low gravity, and distance from any known empires.

Distance from Homeworld: 1 Hour of Teleportation

Recommended Use: Robotic Mining Base, high concentrations of many valuable minerals and metals, but incredibly low survival probabilities for any known sentient species

Inspector: Zion Arueak

==Ubi II ==

Date of Report: January 3, 10,000

System: Primus Ubi

Planet Name: Ubi II

Atmospheric Composition: 30% Carbon Dioxide, 20% Nitrogen, 40% Oxygen, 5% Chlorine, 5% Other (Highly Toxic to All known sentient species)

Radius: 7,439 Km

Average Temperature: 80 C

Gravity: 3.2 G (Standard Workout 5 days a week instead of 7 for any personnel stationed here)

Water Amount: No H20 known to exist on planet, believed to have been separated into hydrogen and oxygen by the frequent electrical storms

Habitable Landmass: No Habitable Landmass

Predominant Life Forms:  Mysterious Flying Creatures labelled Kawria

Technological Progress of Planet: 1 (no tools or pack hunting, but Kawria are relatively adaptive to changing surroundings)

Sentience Level: 3 (Kawria are able to detect the time of the year and day despite lack of Seasons or Sun exposure)

Mineral Value: Low, no significant mineral deposits

Tactical Value: Medium-Low, Valuable as potential military training grounds, but only possible with the establishment of dome-cities

Distance from Homeworld: 1 hour of Teleportation

Recommended Use: Military Training camp for elite troopers

Inspector: Zion Arueak

== Ubi III==

Date of Report: January 4, 10,000

System: Primus Ubi

Planet Name: Ubi III

Atmospheric Composition: 81% Nitrogen, 18% Oxygen, 1% other (Perfect Breathing mixture for Human and Waktan personnel, certain domesticated plants may have difficulty completing Respiration though the slightly longer day may be the cause of this)

Radius: 6,231 Km

Average Temperature: 20 C

Gravity: 1G (Standard Workout for all personnel stationed here)

Water Amount: 68% of Surface is water, 40% of Surface is Drinkable Water

Habitable Landmass: 30% of Surface is considered Habitable Landmass

Predominant Life Forms: Trees and small proto-Primates and proto-Birds are the main inhabitant, there is an ever-shrinking Large-Reptilian population due to an increase in oxygen allowing the Birds to compete for the food sources.

Technological Progress of Planet: 5 (Proto-Primates are pack-hunters and the Proto-Birds are considered quite intelligent)

Sentience Level: 15 (Certain creatures are able to identify the time of day and they show incredible social skills, tool use is believed to be a mere thousand years of evolution away for the most advanced of the Proto-primates though true sentience, defined for our standards as knowing that you are mortal and accepting it as a fact of life, seems to be many millions of years away)

Mineral Value: Medium, Earth-like dispersion of resources though slightly less Uranium as is to be expected in a younger planet.

Tactical Value: Medium, Ideal Colony-world capable of sustaining billions of people using the Ulmnian lifestyle.

Distance from Homeworld: 1 Hour of Teleportation

Recommended Use: True colony-world, many many people can sustainably live here. Primarily Agrarian is recommended for sustainability, will work well for Industrial Hub as well though due to even dispersion of resources. Perhaps also a science world as the native life appears to be ripe for study.

Inspector: Zion Arueak

== Ubi V==

Date of Report: January 5, 10,000

System: Primus Ubi

Planet Name: Ubi V

Atmospheric Composition: Hydrogen 85%,Sulfur 10%, Helium 5%, (Atmosphere more hazardous than the vacuum of space, full hazard-suit required for all personnel)

Radius: 93,821 Km

Average Temperature: -20 C

Gravity: 4.8 G

Water Amount: Trace amounts in atmosphere, none in liquid form known to exist

Habitable Landmass: No Landmass

Predominant Life Forms: No life

Technological Progress of Planet: 0 No life

Sentience Level: 0 no life

Mineral Value: Medium, No land mass, Magnificent source of Hydrogen Fuel

Tactical Value: High, useful as refueling stop for warships too large to teleport due to nearly unlimited amounts of Hydrogen in the Atmosphere

Distance from Homeworld: 1 Hour of Teleportation


Inspector: Zion Arueak

== Ubi VI==

Date of Report: January 6, 10,000

System: Primus Ubi

Planet Name: Ubi VI

Atmospheric Composition: no significant atmosphere, trace amounts of Carbon Dioxide.

Radius: 2,000 Km

Average Temperature: -120 C

Gravity: 0.1 G

Water Amount: Planet is primarily frozen water

Habitable Landmass: No true Landmass, planet appears to be similar to a large comet

Predominant Life Forms: Few Frozen bacteria from unknown location

Technological Progress of Planet: 0

Sentience Level: 0

Mineral Value: No mineral value

Tactical Value: No Tactical value

Distance from Homeworld: 1 Hour Teleportation

Recommended Use: Science base for study of extreme cold is only possible use.

Inspector: Zion Arueak

Ubi VI was the starting point for one of the worst plagues ever to harm the Ulmnian People. A mysterious bacterial contagion was discovered and it attacked every Human in the Primus Ubi system, billions were killed before it was brought under control

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