Continent Formation

Formed in 2120, this continent rose out of the ocean after the dramatic redistribution of surface water from the oceans to inland lakes caused by the nuclear war between the NAA and The North Korean Empire and a series of earthquakes caused by the splitting of the eastern third of africa from the rest of it. These nuclear strikes lowered the average waterline of the world by almost 20 metres, undoing the last hundred years of rising tides and completely exposing the new continent. The continent was also forced upwards by underwater collisions between East-Africa, Australia, and the underwater continent of Zealandia. It was almost immediately colonized by the Ulmnians and throughout the time period of the Intervention it was a beacon of the underground Ulmnian utopia in the Overground. It sank under the rising oceans in 4096 until 4113 when a massive terraforming project permanently rose it above the ocean by bringing its lowest portions to 200 metres above sea level.

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