Basic Humans

The only sentient beings on the above ground of Earth, we are a familiar entity, aboveground no different than in real life. The key differences are below ground.

Underground in the form of descendants of both the original expedition , and the colonists that followed, they formed the Ulmnian empire and have been a major player in the Taenarian political climate since 1883. They were led by an elected high council from 1886-2027 and led by Tarsieg II since 2027. Beginning in the third millenia, it became the societal norm for Ulmnians to be genetically modified and many new ‘breeds’ of humans were formed.


Most common of these breeds is the ‘Sounders’, descendants of musicians and music lovers, sounders are humans who have had speakers put into their hands, throats and chests. Eventually the procedure included doubling the lung capacity and adding a second thicker or thinner speechbox to allow the owner to double their vocal range. Sounders were militarized as everything else human ends up being to become sonic soldiers. They currently have speakers in their feet which allow them to trigger tremors and earthquakes at will, and their speakers are so specifically directed that they are able to hit a flower out of the hand of their friends with nothing but sound without the holder of the flower even hearing it. Sounders are not good snipers as their sound-waves begin to dissipate after only a few hundred metres, but make amazing assault units as they can run long periods of time without losing their breath, a side effect of their enhanced lung capacity, and can use their feet’s speakers to increase their jump height and distance. Sounders are commonly used against waves of Draknan crawlers as the crawlers use hearing rather than sight or smell to sense their enemies. A single sounder breed human can wipe out an entire swarm of crawlers on their own. The sad side effect of being a sounder is that they are deaf, they are unable to hear their own music as music. Sounders have internalized autotuning software integrated into their brain which they can switch at will to allow them to still play music when not at war, but they can never enjoy their own creations.


Another breed of humans is the Laudants, products of Teknakk ’s work with genetics the “Dragon-People”, were designed over the course of 5410 - 5420 CE to be the perfect solitary soldiers. With the bony but flexible skin taken from the Alligator gar and enhanced they are resilient, able to withstand sword wounds and gunshots without them breaking the skin. This combined with their increased regeneration taken from the Goblak ’s makes for an incredibly difficult to kill creature/soldier. Laudants are inherently assymetrical beasts, their right arms are largely human except for a little bit of additional bulk but their left arms are nightmarish appearing things, with muscle-types taken from Mantis Shrimp, their left arms are biological punching machines with retractable claws on their hands and heavier scales on the fingers. Laudants are incredibly agile due to swollen a Hypothallamus gland but the side effect of this is less problem solving skills due to a reduced Frontal Cortex. Even the eyes of the Laudants have been enhanced, given a tapetum lucidum on the back for increased night functioning, with horizontal slits for easier adjustment to the overground in daytime. The eyes also have a second lens on the inside of the eye to allow the center of their vision to be magnified x8. Laudants have two metabolic rates which they switch between rapidly, the more active one used in combat can only be maintained for 20 hours before it begins to disintegrate the body and will leave the Laudant filled with a deep hunger that takes at least half of its own body weight to sate. A minimum time of 50 hours is required to allow a Laudant body to repair from the ravages of its active state and during this time they are slow and sluggish, unable to do anything but sleep easily. Due to their solitary nature the classic human solution to forward facing eyes of working in groups no longer works, to counter this their hearing has been enhanced tenfold to allow them to sense people approaching from behind.

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